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Beauty and the Banal

March 2020
Beauty and the Banal

Richard Garrison
Garrison’s Minimalist compositions expose the beauty in the banal. Through a process of careful scientific-like scrutiny Garrison dissects and restructures the color schemes of common everyday objects, places and experiences.

Liz Jaff
Liz Jaff is a visual artist who uses minimal geometry to explore memories of time and space. She rigorously explores the structural and aesthetic possibilities in ephemeral materials. Combining these with abstraction and repetition of architectural and natural forms, Jaff creates environments and objects that convey the specific feeling and character of a place or event.

Noah Loesberg
Loesberg’s exploration of materials and context offers us a perspective to see common objects differently and manipulates our preconceived notions of beauty and value. By extracting beauty from the mundane he asks us to contemplate our cultural assumptions and reevaluate what we think as we experience our constructed environment.

Duane Zaloudek
Since the 1960s Duane Zaloudek’s interest in exploring the phenomenological aspects of vision through an investigation of form, light and color has dominated his studio practice. His, “intention of making painting an exclusively physical-visual experience and moving more completely away from formal problem-solving and toward a self-conscious awareness of the physicality of seeing” has occupied a central position in his work since that time.

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