Time Times Three

June 13 through July 28, 2013

Opening reception: June 13, 2013, 6-9pm

Time Times Three

Pancho Westendarp
LIRR, 2010-12
73 Photographic prints
Dimensions variable (4" x 6" each)

Brooklyn, NY — May 24, 2013 — Time Times Three presents the work of three, artists Pancho Westendarp, Victoria Burge and Tom Kotik, whose work explores different aspects of the relationship of time and space.

Pancho Westendarp's drawings, videos and installations seek to analyze relationships between time, space, memory and movement. His work subverts societal constructions of time by reformulating these time representations in ways that don’t standardize human experience under the same circumstances. He says, “Developing our own way of measuring time means creating our own notion of history and developing new rituals where time can be practical and playful, where faith and mechanics can interact, where procedures can become purposeless and where movement is not understood by distance traveled but by the change of a state of mind.”

Victoria Burge paints and draws on top of antique maps, printed cosmologies, lunar charts and graphs to create new visual systems that convey her explorations into memory, absence and the multiple dimensions and implications of space. She makes literal, natural and artificial connections built in layers that evidence memories and the passing of time. Her use of recycled maps and charts evoke memory and history and, “represent an on going exploration between paper and print, typography and topography, history and imagination.”

Sculptor and rock musician Tom Kotik explores the interaction of music and sculpture and is interested in how to make the invisible waves of sound visual. Ironically, it’s through silence, the absence of sound, that his "architectures of silence" search for and revel in the intersections of sculpture, music, form, sound, creation and composition. His site-specific sculptures made of MDF and sound proofing foam abstract the form of amplifiers and are composed on the wall like notes on a staff. In the same way sound emerges and bounces around a room, the light, color and shadow of Kotik's abstractions mimic the movement of sound from a stage or speaker. This implication of sound through visual effects is, similar to music, a time-based process. The visual subtleties of light, color and shadow, like a crescendo, take time to reach our eyes and reveal themselves slowly after extended periods of looking.

Mexico City artist Pancho Westendarp received an MA in Documentary Production in 2005 from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain. In 2009 he received a Fulbright Scholarship to complete his MFA degree at Stony Brook University in 2012. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including; Intervention Gallery, London, Laboratorio Arte, Alameda, Mexico.

Victoria Burge is an artist living and working in Philadelphia. Her pieces have been part of national and international exhibitions including shows at the International Print Center, New York, NY; the Center For Book Arts, New York, NY; the Kentler International Drawing Space, New York, NY; the Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ; and Gallery Hasta in India. Her work can be found in corporate, private, and public collections, including Hilton Worldwide, the New York Public Library and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Her work is represented by Accola Griefen Gallery, NYC.

Brooklyn based sculptor Tom Kotik was born in Prague and received his BS from New York University and his MFA from Hunter College CUNY in 2004. His work has been exhibited national and internationally including the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE, Sculpture Center, NYC, Juan Miro Foundation, Barcelona, and Socrates Sculpture Park, NYC. His work is exhibited courtesy of the Lesley Heller Workspace, NYC.

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