Past Exhibitions

Hundred first red lowres
Jerry Walden paints hard-edged visual abstractions in acrylic on canvas by layering and juxtaposing random and well considered stripes of color to form undulating lines of shifting hue and direction that result in multi-colored Formalist compositions.

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Jaff fidget2
Liz Jaff creates installations and objects which reflect her personal impression of space and memory. She explores the structural attributes and aesthetic qualities intrinsic to paper that she cuts and folds into highly formal compositions in both objects and large-scale installations. Her ink drawings continue these investigations by diagramming folds using ink soaked cloth to make patterns on paper. This exhibition will feature new cut and folded paper pieces and ink on paper drawings produced at the artist’s studios in Greenwich Village and Southampton, NY.

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Left feild 2011 acrylic on linen 14 x 14
Mike Childs has developed an abstract language of visual signs and symbols that mimic the experience of looking at and moving through urban spaces. Through subtle shifts in color and value Childs uses his keen color sense to manipulate our understanding of space. This persistently shifting place and our experience of looking at it stands as a powerful metaphor for the experience of negotiating a constantly changing urban environment.

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53 lowres
Henry Chung continues his exploration of obsolete technologies as metaphor for the changes and complexities of contemporary life in a series of portraits of computer enhanced images culled from flea markets and garage sales, rendered in computer punch tape.

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Tire tread1
Sculptor Noah Loesberg’s work centers on contradictions and meanings they expose. Through shifts in scale and substitutions of materials Loesberg recontextualizes everyday items from our built environment into objects of rarefied ubiquity. Common things often overlooked or simply ignored by most of us are for Loesberg full of beauty and rich with metaphoric potential.

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Balloo 1
For more than 30 years James Clark has been making sculptural objects and installations from non-traditional art materials like balloons, neon, car parts, live chickens, bubble and fog machines, water, helium and electroluminescent wire. His work is an exploration of conscious experience.

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Cullinane salome
This exhibition will highlight 10 new works on panel that includes collage, painting and even sculptural elements in each piece. Starting with small diagrams of ceiling vaults taken from old architectural dictionaries that are collaged, layered and reconfigured, Cullinane builds his composition with rigorous process. The optical effects that result from the process are accentuated by the addition of forms that are actually three dimensional, like map pins, sink drains and wasp’s nests. This conceptual bridge connecting implied or fictional space and physical space forms a tension that is central to Mr. Cullinane's studio practice.

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Current Feature

Featured Artist

Lerner and Loesberg

Oct 16 – Nov 30, 2020
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Studio Visit

Learn More About Our Artists...

May 11 – Dec 31, 2020
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We are pleased to announce the release of CACHE, an ongoing anthology series of limited edition artist books by Derek Lerner.

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